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The 5-star Enjoy Viña Del Mar is a striking coliseum-style hotel in Viña del Mar, 200 m from the beach. Facilities include a rooftop wellness spa, luxurious accommodations, and a large casino.
Rooms at the Enjoy Viña Del Mar are spacious with elegant wood décor and lush carpeting. All are equipped with a flat-screen TV with cable channels and free Wi-Fi access.

Chile feature

The organillero is a street musician who lives by playing an instrument and a mechanical watchmaking system. The main function of this musician is walking through the streets with a repertoire of popular pieces. It is considered as a characteristic job of the culture and arts of Chile.

Enjoy Viña Del Mar


Check how to get from the Santiago Airport, a Enjoy Hotel in Viña del Mar.
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Dirección: San Martín 199, Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso
Teléfono: 600 700 6000

Enjoy Viña Del Mar

From Santiago airport to Viña del Mar:

Viña del Mar is about 120 km from Santiago. It is reached in less than 2 hours by bus, the tickets are cheap in any company, or transfer service from Santiago airport.


Dozens of buses travel every day between Santiago and the coast of the Valparaíso Region (Viña del Mar) and do so using both the Pajaritos terminal (Metro Line 1, red) and the Alameda terminal (Metro Line 1, Red color). However, to go to the coast it is convenient to leave from Pajaritos, since there are more frequencies.

If you arrive at the airport, you must take a bus to Pajarito bus terminal through door 5. When you arrive at the terminal, you can buy the ticket to Viña del Mar right there, at the ticket office of the company with which you decide to travel (TurBus, Pulmman among others). The only thing that should be taken into account when traveling from Pajaritos to Viña del Mar is that there are no night frequencies.

The terminal is relatively small and it is easy to orient yourself to know where to buy tickets and wait for the bus. Tickets can be purchased with credit or debit cards, as well as in cash.

Transfer service 

There are several private transport companies that provide services to and from the Airport. We have transfer service available from the airport  ( to Hotel with the following companies:

The cost of transportation from the airport to the hotel is around US $ 250 (round trip), to have it considered.

If you need help with the service please contact us