Platform 4ID

Instructions to send abstract through
platform on-line

Recommended documents to have available before starting the registration process:

DNI or Passport.
Regular Student Certificate (If applicable).
Summary in Word format or other word processor (optional).

Here are the necessary steps for you to send your abstract through the online platform of the IFFC2019:


  • To access the platform, go to the official website of the Conference ( and click on the link “Sign up here and upload your abstract ” . Once inside, you will see the platform called 4ID Conference, through which all the operations related to the IFFC2019 are carried out.
  • In order to enter the platform, you must have an access account. In case you do not have it, you must generate this account. To do this, click on the “Create new account” box and follow the instructions ( IMPORTANT: to generate your account you will be asked for an email. From now on, all Conference notifications (status of abstracts, registration fee, etc.) will be sent to this email. For this reason, it is requested to use a valid email, remembering your password and frequently reviewed by you.

1.3- Once your account is generated, you can access the platform using your email and password.


The 4ID Conference platform has three sections: “Information”, “Abstract” and “Payment”. First you must fill in the “Information” section, where you will be asked to following mandatory information:

1) DNI or Passport: You must enter a valid identification number

2) First name: You must enter your first name (Example: Juan)

3) Last name: You must enter your last name (Example: Pérez)

4) Assistance: In this tab you must indicate your assistant category: Scientific; Standard, Student. According to your answer, you can generate sub- options:

In case you indicate that you are a Scientific member, a tab called “Scientific” will appear, where you must indicate the Organization of which you are a member (IMPORTANT: This information will be verified with the Organization that you indicate).

In case you indicate that you are a Student, a tab called “Certificate (PDF)” will appear, where you must upload a document in PDF format that demonstrates your student status. To know if you can apply for the Student category, go to the link

5) Country: You must select your country

6) University: You must enter the name of your institution (University, Institute, Company, etc.).

7) Department: You must enter the name of your Unit of work (Department, Laboratory, Group, etc.)

8) Faculty: You must enter the name of your Major Unit (Faculty, Center, Institute, etc.).

9) Address: You must enter the address of your institution (example: Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Santiago)

10) Phone: You must enter a contact number

11) TO RECORD THE INFORMATION entered, you must click on the “Update Information” icon. You can change or update this information whenever you consider it necessary.


The closing date of the last call for abstract submission will be May 31, 2019; at 06:00 pm (Chilean time).

Note: Those who enter their abstracts before May 31 (inclusive), and although they have not yet received acceptance of their work, the value of early registration will be respected, according to the category of assistant.

3.1- To enter your summary, go to the “Abstract” section of the 4ID Conference platform, and click where it says “Create New Abstract”. Once this is done, 3 independent sections will be displayed so that you can write your summary. Remember that in this congress only English language is accepted as the official language:

– Title: You must enter the title of your abstract, whose maximum length should be 35 words. To record the title, you must press the “Save abstract title” icon.

– Abstract: You must enter the central body of the abstract, whose maximum extension should be 350 words. To record it, you must press the “Save abstract content” icon.

– Funding by: This section is optional, and you must enter the acknowledgments and funding sources of your work. The maximum extension is 35 words. To record the information, you must press the “Save funding” icon.

RECOMMENDATION: To facilitate your work, it is recommended to write the abstract in a word processor (Word, etc.) and then simply copy it and paste it into the platform.

3.2- Once you have recorded your abstract, indicate in the “Select presentation type” tab to present in panel mode (Free communication panel). To record your preference, you must press the “Save type” icon.  NOTE: Although your preference will be considered, the final decision of the type of presentation of your work will be determined by the Scientific Committee of IFFC2019, who may change the presentation modality that you indicated.

3.3- Finally, you must select an Area for your work. To do this, go to the “Select area” tab and choose the area that you think best represents your work. In case you can not find a specific area for your work, select “Other”. To record the chosen area, press the “Save area” icon.

3.4- Authors of the work: You will be considered automatically, as one of the authors of the work. To enter the REST of the authors, click where it says “Add co-authors” and enter the information requested for each co-author (the mandatory information is indicated by an asterisk). Each time you enter a co-author, you must record the information by clicking on the “Save information” icon. IMPORTANT. The system will ask first for the last name of the author and then the first name. If you want to add the initial of your middle name, you can do it where it says “Middle Initial”.

3.5- Order of the authors of the work: To see the list of authors of your work, click where it says “Authors list”. This will be the order in which the authors will appear in the summary. To change the order, use the “up” or “down” icons that appear to the left of each author.

3.6- Modification of authors’ information: If in the list of authors you see errors or lack of information, you can edit using the icons that appear to the right of each author (Edit, Add Affiliation, etc.). If you wish to delete any of the authors, use the Delete icon.

3.7- PRELIMINARY VIEW OF THE ABSTRACT: To review your abstract before sending it, click where it says “Download preview”. There you can see how your abstract will appear in the Conference Book of Abstracts. Read this preview carefully and if you detect errors, you can go back to the platform and modify any of the aspects of the summary, authors, etc. You can do this revision operation as many times as you want.

3.8- DEFINITIVE SUBMISSION OF THE ABSTRACT : Once you consider that your abstract is ready to send, you must send it by clicking on the green icon “Submit Abstract ” . IMPORTANT: While you do not click on “Submit Abstract”, your abstract will not be sent for review to the Scientific Committee of the IIFC 2019 Congress. Finally, keep in mind that once submitted, you can no longer modify your summary.

Each participant in the Conference will have the right to present as an exhibitor only one work in panel mode (Free communication panel).

3.9-How many summaries can I send?

The registration value allows to present a maximum of 2 abstracts / works as author / rapporteur to the scientific members. The registration of students and non-members allows to present only one work in the Conference. The companies have no right to submit works.

3.10- How should I make the poster? (

3.11- To send my abstract, should I pay first? No, you can send your abstract before making the payment.

Download instructions here